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The Group

Your one-source, multi-resource international trading solutions partner.
MANAS International Inc. is a multi-resource, trans-national trading group specializing in reaching any and all forms of steel to anywhere in the world. We also trade in agro products, petroleum coke, fertilizers, sulphur, sulphuric acid and many other products.
We have the resources, the expertise and the experience. And of course, the professional integrity to know that only when we delight you with our service, do we grow.
Incorporated in Canada and serving worldwide, we have built ourselves a flawless reputation as a dependable bulk commodity trading partner. Our market reach today, extends all over Europe, Latin America, the Indian sub-continent and the Far East.

We think global, act global, move global and behave local. We are ‘Glo-Cal’. This unique management approach has helped us gain a reputation as a preferred multi-national, multi-product trading partner of choice for many an organization in the extremely competitive world of international bulk commodity trading.

We also possess the resources, expertise and experience in turnkey production of various goods and services in metals, steel and other industries.

The resources, talents, experience, expertise, network and facilities we offer are more befitting of a large, multinational conglomerate. But when it comes to personalized service, quick responses and turnaround times we’re as lean and smooth as a smaller organization.

As our President /
CEO often says

“It’s a different world out there now. Relationships today are built, cemented and sustained by exceeding your clients’ expectations. Make that your daily maxim. All the rest will then smoothly fall in place.”

We are agile enough to lead, adapt, change, adopt and work in sync with the ever-changing socio-political business environment. We not only observe best international trade practices, we’ve been long-standing members of all the relevant trade governing bodies.

We believe it’s important to sustain our reputation as a streamlined, efficient, effective and dependable entity. To that end, we employ the most advanced systems in IT, Capital Management and Qualitative Product Evaluation.

Affiliations /Associations

We observe best international trade practices and to that end are members of reputed trade governing bodies that help further this.